Ubisoft launches Uplay PC client; offers $1 games to entice you to download it

Does your laptop have a ton of gaming clients on it, just like mine? Well, prepare to install a new one amidst the likes of the Games for Windows, Steam and Origin clients as Ubisoft has just offered up a Uplay one for your consumption.

In the same vein as EA's Origin, Uplay acts as a storefront for Ubisoft's games as well as acting as a universal launcher for them. The Uplay client also links together your Uplay identities across consoles, Facebook, and PC, combining all of the Uplay rewards you earn across various sources.

Because you've already got a ton of clients installed on your PC, Ubisoft is also throwing up some pretty sweet deals in an attempt to motivate you into downloading its offering. Or, in their words:

To motivate gamers into having a look at the new and improved uPlay client, Ubisoft's plan is to bribe you with cheap games. This week, they're offering a series of $1 deals through the service's store: Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 today, From Dust on Friday, Silent Hunter 5 on Saturday, and Driver: San Francisco on Sunday. They're also throwing a big sale on a bunch of other games, with some fairly steep discounts. If you'd been waiting to catch up on the Assassin's Creed games, there could be worse times to get started.

You can download the Uplay client from Ubisoft's Uplay site, should you wish to give it -- and some cheap games -- a try.

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