The Lame Game Marathon returns for a second year and wants your support

The Lame Game Marathon returns for a second year and wants your support

23 August 2012

The Melburnians behind last year’s Lame Game Marathon are back and looking to go another round with some truly awful games in order to support UNICEF’s Sahel Emergency Appeal.

“In West Africa’s Sahel region, a severe and prolonged drought has seen crops dry out and the ‘lean season’, the period when the food from the harvests run out, has started early this year,” Lame Game Marathon 2’s Leo Stevenson (who you’ll all recognise as a valued writer here at as well) explained. “Many families and children are facing acute malnutrition, and the threat of disease from lack of safe water lingers for many of the countries in West Africa.”

The appeal will “help the people of Sahel region by providing food and medical supplies, as well as establishing health care, nutrition monitoring systems, and securing access to clean water and sanitation,” said Stevenson, who added, “UNICEF are doing what they can to help those who are in dire need, so the Lame Game Marathon 2 aims to do what they can to support them as they continue to provide aid in the region.”

Last year, the Lame Game Marathon featured twins Dan and James Camilleri, alongside their good friend Mark Dawes, as they played through some “terribad” games to support humanitarian efforts in East Africa. Among other gems, the boys tackled Superman 64, Pimp my Ride, Limbo of the Lost and Naughty Bear for 24 hours straight. Assisting in the effort, Stevenson explained, were “two dedicated hosts, reporters ‘in the field’, pre-recorded videos from members of the gaming media and plenty of interaction with those watching at home via Facebook, Twitter and the UStream chat.”

All up, the Lame Game crew raised over $5,500 dollars, and hope to smash that record this time around.

The Lame Game Marathon 2 takes place over twenty four hours on 22 September. To check out the progress of the team, and learn more about games that are to be played, you’re encouraged to head to the Lame Game Marathon website.

Even better, donations to the cause can be made via this link: