PES 2013 aims to please; second demo on its way

PES 2013 aims to please; second demo on its way

24 August 2012

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Well, it’s clear that Konami is really trying to show gamers they’ve got a viable alternative in the football game genre this year with PES 2013. They’ve just announced a second playable demo of PES 2013 will be avilable on PS3 and Xbox at the end of August.

This second demo will offer 11 fully-licensed teams, and in Konami’s words, “benefits from a raft of subtle but important gameplay improvements since the first demo was released in July.”

“We wanted to show our hand early with PES 2013 as, frankly, there is a lot to enjoy,” commented Jon Murphy, European PES Team Leader for Konami. “However, we are constantly refining the game and this second demo will show fans that we are always striving for perfection, and they will notice many additions and enhancements that bring PES 2013 even closer to matching the grace, unpredictability and skill that top-level football displays.”

This demo offers ten minute matches over six difficulty settings. Konami has also furthered that “the game’s balance between offense and defence has been equalised, and the targeting of passes using the game’s feted manual control system has been improved. Similarly, the trajectory of passes has been refined, as has the blocking by defenders, shot speed, and the ways referees officiate – including the overseeing of offside situations.”

Addtionally, Konami clais that “the AI when a team is passing out of a defensive situation into a potential attacking one has been fine-tuned – an essential part of a game like PES 2013, where passing and movement are central to build up play. Lobs and looping shots have also been made harder to effect, following feedback from the initial demo. Anthems for the starting line-ups have also been implemented.”

The second PES 2013 demo will be available on the Xbox 360 from 28 August and from 29 August on PS3. A planned second PC demo is scheduled for September.