It’s official: DayZ to become a standalone product

It’s official: DayZ to become a standalone product

9 August 2012

[one_half =”yes”][gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”DayZ” developers=”Dean Hall” publishers=”Bohemia” platforms=”PC” genres=”Survival horror” release_date=”27 July 2012″][/one_half]

Be honest now — how many of you, like me, bought Arma II and its “Operation Arrowhead” expansion pack, only to use them to play DayZ? Yeah. I thought so.

Those of you too cheap to do the same (or is that, too smart? hmmm!) can take heart: the DayZ Developer Tumblr account has confirmed that DayZ will soon be a standalone product.

The mod’s Lead Developer, Dean Hall, will remain as project lead, and Arma developer Bohemia Interactive will also stay on as publisher.

On the Tumblr account, Hall explained that the game will follow the Minecraft development model, with “fast iterations” and a “heavily discounted” community alpha. Hall also stated that development and updates to the mod will continue in tandem with the standalone product. A release date has not yet been mentioned.