“Agent Hunt” lets you mess with other players’ Resident Evil 6 games


Game Info

GAME NAME: Resident Evil 6



PLATFORM(S): PC, Xbox 360, PS3

GENRE(S): Action horror

RELEASE DATE(S): 2 October 2012


Guys, this sounds AWESOME.

The newly announced "Agent Hunt" mode in Resident Evil 6 lets you enter other player's games, and, well...try to kill them.

Now, before you you get all concerned, "Agent Hunt" is only available after you clear the game's campaign yourself, and those that are totally against the idea can turn the mode off altogether.

For those game though, you'll be controlling biohazards -- almost like Left 4 Dead's "Versus" mode -- and trying to destroy another player progressing though (only certain) levels of Resident Evil 6. Multiple baddies can co-exist in "Agent Hunt," and those playing will be able to use voice chat to coordinate themselves. You also won't be able to tell which of the monsters you're pitted against are computer- or player-controlled, either.

Sounds great. Bring it on!

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