BioWare offer free ME3 “Extended Cut” soundtrack

BioWare offer free ME3 “Extended Cut” soundtrack

9 July 2012

The Mass Effect series had some of the most atmospheric music I’ve ever heard. All games were unified by a single theme in a manner usually reserved for  large scale concept albums or “big budget” movies, however, the thing that won Mass Effect so much acclaim was the way the soundtrack was integrated in every facet of the game. During particularly emotional scenes the core theme played nice and loud, cut scenes or high action moments were enhanced with clever use of tempo/volume and, if you listen carefully, the theme was even woven into background noise like the hum of machinery in the Normandy’s engine bay.

When the Mass Effect 3 “Extended Cut” DLC  was released we were treated to 7 brand new songs. Composed by Sam Hulick (a key composer for Mass Effect 2 and 3) they are a beautiful enhancer for the new endings.

But enough of my opinions on the Mass Effect score, you want a free soundtrack right? BioWare have been kind enough to offer the “Extended Cut” DLC soundtrack as a free download for anyone with a BioWare Social Network or EA Origin account. Accounts are free to set up so, if you want a free sountrack, what are you waiting for?

The sound track can be found at Just follow that link, log on and click download. It’s as easy as that.

Be warned it’s a large download though. Each file is a 1536kbps wav file and the entire soundtrack comes to around 170 mb! Well worth it but I think I’ll be lowering that bitrate before putting it on my phone and having a listen.