THQ to honour GAME Darksiders II pre-order bonuses

THQ to honour GAME Darksiders II pre-order bonuses

6 July 2012

Good news to those who may have been burned by GAME Australia’s closures: THQ Australia has just announced “that anyone who placed a pre-order for Darksiders II through GAME, which included the ‘Deadly Despair’ pack, will still be able to receive their DLC,” provided that gamer has made a new pre-order with another retailer.

Those who made a GAME pre-order need to email that receipt from GAME, along with their new pre-order receipt from any other retailer, to

Says THQ, “once we receive this, your ‘Deadly Despair’ code will be provided to you in the days following the launch of Darksiders II.”

The “Deadly Despair” provides an additional speed boost for Death’s hosre Despair, allowing players to travel through the in-game world faster than before.

Good on you, THQ!

Darksiders II is due for an August release on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and later on Wii U.