This NHL 13 trailer is all about the goalie

This NHL 13 trailer is all about the goalie

13 July 2012

[gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”NHL 13″ developers=”EA Canada” publishers=”EA” platforms=”Xbox 360, PS3″ genres=”Sports” release_date=”13 September 2012″]

In a tight hockey game, your goalie can be your salvation…or, your ruin. The lastest NHL 13 trailer is definitely celebrating the good ol’ goaltender as the former:

Says EA, “With EA Sports Hockey I.Q., goalies in NHL 13 have been completely overhauled featuring all-new goalie anticipation and complete limb movement. Netminders will read and anticipate the play as it develops and with over 1000 new animations, are more dynamic than ever before. Goalies are now fully equipped to make that unthinkable save when the game is on the line.”

Look for NHL 13 on Xbox 360 and PS3 from 13 September 2012.