The Walking Dead FPS — first details

The Walking Dead FPS — first details

10 July 2012

A new first-person-shooter based on The Walking Dead is heading to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC next year courtesy of developer Terminal Reality and published by Activision. The game will be based directly on the AMC television series of the same name rather than drawing from the graphic novel, which is the basis for the current Telltale Games’ season of point-and-click games.

Writing on the Playstation Blog, Terminal Reality creative lead Angel Gonzalez describes the genuine excitement and enthusiasm the team felt when contacted to develop the game, “When Activision approached us to help them make The Walking Dead game based off the AMC’s TV series, the whole team went crazy. We are all fans of the show and couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. Immediately the team knew that an FPS game based on The Walking Dead was something we wanted to help bring the fans”.

The game will focus on the “walkers” as the primary enemies and in keeping with the television series, players must remain as quiet as possible as they traverse the game world and fire weapons.

Gonzalez continues, “In the game, you’ll need to carefully sneak into and out of some dangerous situations and you may meet a few Walkers along the way. If you show up with guns blazing, you’ll quickly find yourself dealing with a much larger crowd and you could easily become overwhelmed.”

Like the television series, walkers will also be able to detect and track human characters by scent. If a player remains in one location for an extended period the character’s “scent radius” will gradually increase in size and eventually extend outside of buildings and into nearby streets luring in herds of walkers.

A stealth first-person-shooter set in the world of The Walking Dead definitely has promise, provided Daryl and his crossbow are playable of course. Let us know in the comments what you want to see.