George St. Pierre is bringing melee combat to Sleeping Dogs

We've got another trailer here for the highly anticipated Sleeping Dogs.

Says Square Enix, "Taking on the most fearsome fighters in Hong Kong is no challenge for a trained mixed martial artist, and the fighting knowledge which George St. Pierre has brought to the development of Sleeping Dogs has ensured that United Front Games’ combat system empowers players to take on the toughest the city has to throw at them. Brutal bone-crunching combos are only a button press away. However as GSP points out, patience is key. Wait for your opponent to make a mistake; wait for that strike to miss and take your shot. Losing is not an option…"

I have to say: Sleeping Dogs sure does look like it's going to have some great melee combat in it.

Look for Sleeping Dogs 16 August on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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