Michael Fassbender starring in and co-producing Assassin’s Creed film

Michael Fassbender starring in and co-producing Assassin’s Creed film

10 July 2012

It was revealed today that Prometheus star Michael Fassbender will be starring in and co-producing the long discussed Assassin’s Creed film adaptation.  Fassbender will play a man who discovers that his ancestors were a part of the order of Assassin’s after he is kidnapped by an organisation closely tied to the Knights Templar and is sent back in time to retrieve historical artifacts. While clearly appearing to be playing Desmond Miles, the modern day protagonist of the Assassin’s Creed series, Ubisoft has been quick to neither confirm nor deny the rumour, simply stating “Fassbender will play the lead role, but it’s too soon to say exactly which character that will be.

While it may seem obvious to have Fassbender play Desmond, other spin-off media has remained somewhat removed from the core series.  The Assassin’s Creed comic series “The Fall” focussed on Daniel Cross, a Templar sleeper agent, and Assassin’s Creed: Lineage followed Ezio Auditore’s father Giovanni Auditore rather than Desmond or Ezio.

Ubisoft has said “The storyline isn’t bound by a certain era or even a set of characters.  That kind of freedom gives us great flexibility in creating the movie”. Ubisoft is also adamant that they film will be something for long time fans of the series to look forward to, “We’re also taking the responsibility of maintaining fidelity with the overall story and brand very seriously”.

Without any release window for the film, it’s difficult to determine exactly when we may see something; however Ubisoft Motion Pictures (UMP) is maintaining creative control over the whole process. Fassbender’s DMC Film is collaborating with UMP, who retains all rights in deciding the director, cast and scripting. Whether this will work in the film’s favour remains to be seen.

Fassbender has seen his star rise in recent times due to film stealing roles in Xmen: First Class and Prometheus and his presence in the film can only mean good things.

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