Metal Gear Solid creator to unveil new Fox Engine in August

One of the pioneers and most well known figures in videogame development - Hideo Kojima - is already working on a new yet unannounced title, and we will soon get to see the engine powering the company's newest game.

Detailed in a PlayStation Blog entry, Kojima discussed the future of the new project and admitted to spending large amounts of time around the world in international studios to "understand how things worked elsewhere."

Despite crafting one of the most well known and critically acclaimed series of all time, Kojima initially had issues with the project, saying: " I was a designer for Metal Gear Solid, but I was not a producer, so I had no say in the budget, release date, or promotion of the game," He continued,  "I remember when they told me what the release date would be and I had no say in the matter ... these are bitter memories for me."

The full unveiling of the new Fox Engine is set to take place on the 30th of August, which also corresponds to the 25th anniversary of Metal Gear's creation.

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