Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense out soon!

Justice League fans rejoice! The game most of us didn't know about is nearly here!

As of August 1 Justice League: Earth's Final Defense will be available for your iThing (no word on Android or WP7 sorry). Whilst information is limited it looks like a typical 3D action beat-em-up with unlockable costumes, collectible hero cards and an XP system for skill upgrades. Looks like you only get to play as Superman, Batman, the Flash, Wonder Woman or the Green Lantern but that's no biggie, they're all awesome! Whilst you can only play as those 5 you'll be able to use "Hero Cards" to call in the support of Justice League team mates like Aquaman, Supergirl or Raven.

I don't know a great deal about the game the trailer looks great and is an almost certain purchase for me when it comes out. What do you guys think?

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