Free Trackmania 2 Canyon DLC — Trackmania Platform — now available
27 Jul 2012 Share

Free Trackmania 2 Canyon DLC — Trackmania Platform — now available

Ubisoft announced today that it has released “Trackmania2  Platform,” a free DLC pack for Trackmania2 Canyon. According to Ubisoft, “Platform” was the most popular game mode in the original Trackmania game,” testing players’ skills by requiring them to complete a track without re-spawning.”

The “Trackmania2  Platform DLC pack will include:

  • 1 new game mode and solo campaign
  • 23 new tracks
  • Dedicated ranking for Platform players
  • Game mode available in the editor for players to create their own Platform tracks

Additionally, the DLC includes the “King of Ultimate Nightmare community challenge”. Says Ubisoft, “the  first player who completes a full drive-through on the Ultimate Nightmare platform track with absolutely no re-spawns and sends the replay to Nadeo will see their achievement celebrated in an upcoming dedicated video on the ManiaPlanet Youtube channel.”

Neat stuff. Get on it, Trackmania fans!

Steve Wright

Steve Wright

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