Diablo III Invincibility exploit patched… or is it?

Activision Blizzard didn't take long to respond to yesterday's wizard invincibility exploit releasing a patch late last night to void the trick. Whilst there's been no word on disciplinary action I'm guessing it would be a hard thing for them to prove so you're probably safe.

Hope the development team aren't expecting a day off though, because, whilst the Wizard exploit is fixed, a new trick has emerged that makes the Barbarian all but invincible. The glitch works by glitching the 8% health drain from Dreadnaught Rune so it's a permanant effect. First you equip the Dreanaught Rune in Furious Charge, then make your way to Act 3 part 5 where you face Cydea. The trick is to activate Furious Charge BEFORE her cutscene starts. If done correctly then, when the cutscene ends, you'll have 8% leech as a permanant augmentation.

As Activision Blizzard are aware of this exploit I'd imagine it will be remedied fairly quickly however, in the interim, it looks like people can go rack up some big kills on their Inferno runthru rather easily today :)

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