Alienware’s Game Masters FIFA 12 competition: More fun when you win a laptop!

The title says it all, really.

Last week, Steve and lucky reader James Williams (of ESGN fame!) went head-to-head in FIFA 12 with seven other media outlets -- New Game Plus, RocketChainsaw, GameSpot, GameOn TV, Nova FM, Bigpond GameArena and Geekzone. Alienware's goal was to recreate this year's Euro Championship...and well, we all failed miserably as Team, playing as Greece, took out RocketChainsaw's Czech Republic in the finals.

Still, Steve and James were quite happy with the end result.

Here's a video wrap-up courtesy Alienware:

By taking the finals in a flurry of amazing goals, Steve and James were lucky enough to walk away with a gaming-powerhouse Alienware M14x laptop each. James is already putting his through its paces with hi-rezzed everything in Battlefield 3.

Thanks for the opportunity, Alienware -- it was just one of many amazing events that made the opening of Game Masters one to remember!

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