Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir is a spin-off title in the Project Zero series (better known as Fatal Frame). Whilst this game’s core concept is consistent with the main series the change in play style and controls provide a unique

The Harvest Moon series has been around for some time, first debuting on the Super Nintendo in 1996 and making appearances on most consoles and handhelds in some form since then. It’s the grandaddy of all those “task-and-wait” style games

According to these anonymous sources, we can expect to see the following playable fighters in Sony’s character-based beat-em-up: Dante from DmC: Devil May Cry Heihachi Mishima from the Tekken series Toro, PlayStation marketing icon in Japan Nariko from Heavenly Sword

You read that right, folks. Minecraft’s creator, Markus Persson (better known as Notch), has recently disclosed that every character in animal in his addictive little masterpiece is a homosexual. Even better, he finished the statement with a profound, “Take THAT,

Well, we’ve seen South Park: The Stick of Truth, and we loved it. And, keeping to the nature of “it’s just like the TV show,” THQ is offering some pre-order bonus DLC packs that aim to recreate some of Cartman,

The next Battlefield 3 DLC pack, “Aftermath,” is now official. Leaked months ago, we now know for certain that we’ll get to play in “a post-earthquake Tehran,” and do so with new vehicles, assignments, achievements, dog  tags and a new

Welcome to the thirteenth Stevivor.com podcast! Steve takes the reins this week to bring you all the news news newsnewsnews neeeeeeeeews (listen at 21:50 if you don’t get that). He’ll also talk with Leo about reviews, releases and Darksiders 2.

I’ll admit it: I’m a bit of a Darksiders noob. But, after just one hour with the upcoming Darksiders II at THQ’s hands-on preview event, I went out and bought the original game and cursed myself for letting it pass

First of all, Trent did a tremendous job of explaining a lot of Company of Heroes 2‘s base mechanics, so you should check out that initial preview first. Back with me? Excellent. Now, I’m not really one for strategy games,

The European PlayStation Blog has just advised that the PlayStation Network will be down for “scheduled maintenance” for 16 hours starting this Thursday. In Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane, the outage will take place between 8.00 am Thursday 26 July and 12.01 am Friday 27 July. During this outage,

Go and grab one – any one – of your South Park DVDs. No, really. I’ll wait. Now, put it in and watch any random episode. What happens? First, you get the little guitar riff to bring you into the

Welcome to the 12th Stevivor.com podcast! In the interest of diversity Dave is replaced by Matt Gosper this week. It’s nothing to do with him hiding under his bed whimpering after playing Project Zero 2… we promise! This week the

When discussing survival horror these days, people are usually talking about one of two things: action games with jump scares or slow paced atmospheric thrillers.  If you’re after the former, then you should go play something like Dead Space or

The internet’s abuzz with discussion regarding a rumoured glitch that allows player to become invincible in Diablo III. Whilst glitches and loopholes are not uncommon this one could prove problematic for Activision Blizzard courtesy of their “real money” auction house

In the Game of Thrones, you either win, or you die. Or, you cheat death by saving before every fight. Or, you can just turn the difficulty down to “Squire.” I guess I now know why George R. R. Martin

Coinciding with the release of Resident Evil 6 and the new Milla Jovovich movie, Resident Evil: Retribution, Capcom and Sony Pictures have just confirmed the release date of the newest Resident Evil CG film, Damnation. Says Capcom, “As war wages