Preview: Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Preview: Silent Hill: Book of Memories

8 June 2012

Like a PS Vita itself, this preview will be short and sweet. Mostly, because I’m of the firm belief that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all.

I got the chance to go hands-on with Silent Hill: Book of Memories at Konami’s booth the other way, and was horribly disappointed in the direction that the portable title has taken. You’re playing in a top-down view with full lighting and the ability to see enemies far off in the distance. There’s no tension, no sense of horror, and what’s even worse, I was told the game will support four player co-op.

A franchise that’s known for its sense of isolation and terror is now becoming a four player co-op game. At least Capcom had the good sense to make Resident Evil two-player only. Though, to be fair, if you’re solo on Book of Memories, you don’t have three AI-controlled companions along for the ride.

Enemies spit themselves out from spawn points (that you can destroy), so you’re more often than not fighting rather than fleeing. You’ve a solid range of weapons, both projectile and melee at your disposal, and killing enemies give you karma points that you can use for special finishing moves.

Long story short, this title is definitely not your standard Silent Hill title, and fans of the franchise are going to be disappointed. Action fans looking for a title on their PS Vita, on the other hand…

We expect an October 2012 release date for Silent Hill: Book of Memories.