Podcast: Episode #002: Steviebyte Podcast: Episode #002: Steviebyte

5 May 2012

We didn’t rest on our laurels and have come back with a podcast that is bigger, better and longer than ever before (only by a couple of minutes but still…)! This week we discuss the public perception of violence in video games, Quickflix on consoles, Kickstarter’s use by established devs and a mountain of games including Black Ops 2, God of War Ascension, Sniper Elite V2, Fable Heroes, Awesomenauts, Guild Wars 2 and Dragon’s Dogma.

So have a listen and let us know your thoughts. Do you think Black Ops 2 sounds interesting? What about the God of War multiplayer? Have we convinced you to pre order Guild Wars 2 or Dragon’s Dogma? Did Leo or I miss something? Were we blatantly wrong about anything? Would you like to start a “COD players against Leo” comfort group? Be sure to post your thoughts or comments. We love to hear what you guys think about these things too.

Plus, if you listen this week you have the chance to walk away with one of these awesome Capcom wall scrolls!