There really is an app for everything… [yep, more Skyrim]

There really is an app for everything… [yep, more Skyrim]

1 December 2011

We’ve already talked about you and your pesky The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim addiction. For shame. Anyways, here’s another way to get your fix.

Keep on the lookout for Dragon Shout, a new iOs app that is hoping to become your one-stop digital journal for all things Skyrim.

With its creators calling it an “interactive map”, you’re able to zoom in on a map of the entire Skyrim province and place your own markers for notable loot, beds, and places to create goodies like alchemy products.

In later editions, the creators plan to add social interactions into the mix, allowing you to share your markers with friends, chat and upload your own photos. The guys might actually want to get the app out the door first, as it’s currently listed on the Dragon Shout website as “coming soon”; expect to see first version of Dragon Shout early next week on both iPhone and iPad.