Our staff

Our staff

9 September 2011

Stevivor.com is nothing without its dedicated, knowledgable and passionate staff. Every member of the staff comes from a different gaming background, and our pooled experience brings you the nothing but the latest news, previews and reviews.


Name: Steve Wright
Role: Editor-in-Chief
Gamertags: Stevivor (Xbox, PSN, Steam, GameCenter)
Bio: Steve Wright, aka Stevivor: A Canadian-Australian gay gaming geek, freelance journalist, sweet games blog owner, ice hockey player/fan, beer aficionado and tech trainer.
Favourite system: Xbox 360
Favourite genres: Superheroes, survival horror and sci-fi
More info: Twitter, Website, About.me


Name: Leo Stevenson
Role: News Editor
Gamertags: DeltaPhoenix08 (Xbox, PSN, Steam)
Bio: Gamer since I was 4 years old. Once was a Nintendo fanboy, but they’ve burned me too many times. Love Survival Horror, RPG’s and Action games. I often prefer story over gameplay.
Favourite system: PS3, GCN, SNES
Favourite genres: RPG, Survival Horror, Action
More info: Twitter, Website


Name: Nicholas Simonovski
Role: Racing Editor, Events Editor
Gamertags: Anchorman Mazda (Xbox)
Bio: Freelance Writer / Ranter / Automotive Aficionado / Mazda RX8 owner.
Favourite system: Xbox 360
Favourite genres:
More info: Twitter, Website


Name: Shane Wall
Role: Podcast Producer
Gamertags: triggerxxi (Xbox, Nintendo, GameCentre), ninetynineknives (PSN)
Bio: A game geek turned audio engineer/musician. Balancing my life between video games, music and science fiction.
Favourite system: Xbox 360, 3DS XL
Favourite genres: JRPG
More info: Twitter


Staff writers / Contributors

Name: Matt Gosper
Gamertags: ampersandcomma (Xbox), theponk (PSN, Steam)
Bio: An Adelaide-based gay gamer who works for The Internet. Budding ‘artist’ and all-around geek. I’ll beat you at Mario Kart, and lose to you in any shooter you can name.
Favourite systems: Xbox 360, PS3
Favourite genres: RPG, indie, and platformer
More info: Twitter


Name: Damian Cavanagh
Gamertags: theCAVman (Xbox)
Bio: Long time gamer whose claim to fame is clocking the Octopus Game & Watch at age 8 in 1982 (Yes, I’m that old). Father of 4. Professional Wrestling Fan. Pub Trivia Host.
Favourite system: Wii U, Xbox360
Favourite genres: A little bit of everything
More info: Twitter


Name: Andrew Harrison
Gamertags: EspionageMonkey (Xbox, PSN, Steam)
Bio: EspionageMonkey, aka Harry, is a father of 3 and husband of 1. It’s all about the family who all game with him, making the whole hobby better. A massive fan of sci-fi and fantasy. Couch co-op is the bomb!
Favourite systems: Xbox 360, PC
Favourite genres: JRPGs, FPS
More info: Twitter


Name: Will Kostakis
Gamertags: wakobill (Xbox, PSN)
Bio: Screenwriter, author, gamer and purveyor of all things inappropriate.
Favourite system: PS3
Favourite genres: Adventure, JRPG, Terrible/addictive PSN puzzle games
More info: Website, Twitter


Name: Andy Gray
Gamertags: WildMN34 (Xbox, PSN)
Bio: Video Gamer, Hockey fan, and dog trainer. Yeah, interesting combination.
Favourite system: Xbox 360
Favourite genres: RPG, Racing, FPS
More info: Twitter


Name: Luke Lawrie
Gamertags: Crash maeng (Xbox), Crash1337 (PSN)
Bio: Day job working in IT, spare time spent playing video games and writing about them.
Favourite system: PC
Favourite genres: Just about anything
More info: Twitter


Name: Hamish Lindsay
Gamertags: Hammer Guy (XBL), HammerGuy (LoL), doc_hog (PSN)
Bio: Avid reader and general geek, justifying the time I spend gaming by writing about them. Been playing video games most of my life and I’m still average at them.
Favourite system: PC, PSX, PS2
Favourite genres: MOBA, RPG, Stealth, Horror
More info: Twitter, Website