SoulCalibur has always had the reputation as being one of the most visually stunning and fluid fighting games on the scene. I went hands on with Namco’s latest demo of SoulCalibur V and it looks like not only will it

Adren·a·line, a noun as defined by Merriam-Webster: “a substance that is released in the body of a person who is feeling a strong emotion (such as excitement, fear, or anger) and that causes the heart to beat faster and gives

In a gaming world where multiplayer is often tacked on and means direct conflict with one another, I have to admit it’s refreshing to see a new co-op game about to enter the mix. Insomniac Games, known for the development

I don’t know what has come over me. I dislike the Black Eyed Peas with such intensity it can almost be classified as a hobby. There aren’t enough hours in the day to make fun of, or the dude

Did you ever want to slap on some spandex and go parading about the city, stopping evil-doers, but the cost was just a little too high? I’m talking IN A VIDEOGAME, people. If so, now’s the time to indulge in

I missed out on the Rayman train until Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc came along on my original Xbox. It was good – the two-dimension platformer had a quirky world, funny characters, and proved to be a challenge in its later

Matt and I got sucked into the Gears of War 3 hype; we started GoW 2 last week just to burn through co-op and reacquaint ourselves with the story. Then, because we used split-screen, my Gears profile corrupted two chapters

I’m a console snob. I own an Xbox 360 and a Wii, but the gimmick wore off fairly quickly for me and Nintendo’s current-gen effort sits unused in a closet. The only time the Wii gets plugged back in is

Step into the past, pull on your wildly over-complicated outfit and get ready to join an elite group of men and women who changed the world: it’s time for ABBA – You Can Dance! Wait, no. The other one. Assassin’s

Now, two things here: this isn’t something we’ll do often, and this in no way contradicts any points made in William’s review of Driver: San Francisco. Will’s right: the premise of Driver: San Francisco is ludicrous. It didn’t work in

“Hello, stranger!” I LITERALLY squealed with delight when I met up with The Merchant in glorious HD and heard those sweet guttural sounds pour from his hi-def lips. Well, I’m assuming they came from his lips. The thing is, my

Reluctantly getting off the aforementioned cushy couch (what, you didnt read our impressions on Mass Effect 3?), I met up with Jiggsy of Guide to Awesome Living and took part in Battlefield 3’s co-op mode. As the wait for BF3

After arriving a little later than most to EA’s Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3 preview night, I found myself in a battlefield of my own. Picture one penthouse suite littered by an explosion of empty food platters and hundreds

Review: Resistance 3

Insomniac Games and Sony Computer Entertainment are back for a third outing in the Resistance series, with Resistance 3. However, it’s only my first time, so please be gentle with me. It’s the 1950s, on an alternate timeline where the

Fancy yourself a good Warthog driver? Sure, you might be able to wheel around in Halo: Reach without falling off its various cliffs, but how do you think you’d fare trying to survive on a small platform suspended high above

If ever there was a game that was rendered completely pointless by its plotline, it’s Driver: San Francisco. The story actually makes you care less about what you do. After ten minutes of cut-scenes, it throws you its first WTF: Driver: San Francisco is all a dream.