About us

by 27 February 2009

Welcome to Stevivor, the Australian gaming news, reviews, previews and community resource.

A respected community site since 2009 with the iiNet TopGeek 2.0, Steve Wright, at the helm, Stevivor.com moved into full-blown media status this year with a swell in visitors, trusted reviews, coverage from E3, TGS, PAX and GDC, a joint podcast with fellow Melbourne powerhouse MMGN and breaking coverage on a number of recently unannounced games and industry movements.

All the while, with a Canadian “eh” and Australian “mate” generously peppered through its coverage.

Stevivor.com is proud to have taken part in the Telstra Windows Phone 7 Social Media Review, and to have represented Xbox Australia in Seattle, WA at PAX and Halofest 2011. The site has close relations with all major publishers and is always on the lookout to liaise with other third-party publishers and developers to deliver the best of gaming culture to readers.